Business Identity

Your business needs an identity. You need to have something visually appealing to be remembered by. A logo, corporate trademark is a good start but isn’t enough. Clients will not have confidence in doing business with you unless you appear as a stable partner. Nowadays, a stable business partner is equipped with, among others, a business card, website, interactive sales pitch and a rock-solid reputation.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is basically getting your sales/marketing message out into your potential client’s email inboxes. Sounds simple but there’s a very thin link between email marketing and spam. You need to be subtle in your appearance but aggressive with your sales pitch. There’s a lot of email marketing companies on the internet but they all share one disadvantage – lack of personalized help with creating a perfect email campaign. A simple template with couple of loose keywords won’t get you a new customer.Presentation

PowerPoint has been a software of choice for best salesmen from around the world. In enables you to squeeze your whole company’s complete profile and sales pitch into couple of animated slides. However, to create a successful presentation you have to make it look visually appealing. That means powerful branding, pleasing color palette, legible typography and informative graphics. If your target are Apple computer users, we’ll create your presentation in Apple Keynote.